HIGH ‘Social Media’ ANXIETY


high social media anxietyIt’s said successful bloggers devote 20% of their time writing, and 80% of their time promoting.  That’s one hell of a ratio.  For those of us who occasionally struggle on the motivational front, it’s often difficult to get that creative tap flowing.  Once it is, capping content and stemming the flow to promote, seems a tad risky.  With blogging time at a premium, how do we manage an 80/20 split?  That type of expectation can cause anxiety – social media anxiety.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder (yes it’s an actual thing), an ailment acquired when constant participation in social media affects a person’s mental and physical well-being.

For me, anxiety rears its head when I’m struggling with a topic, blocked, or playing the avoidance game.  As the clock ticks down and the pressure builds, anxiety rises, until I eventually muster the will to force myself to write something.  Good, bad or…

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