Current State of Social Media in the Fleet Management Industry


The current state of social media within the fleet management industry, and my company specifically, is very good. It has really taken a leap into the new age of technology in the past few years. It has been increasingly evident that marketing is taking to the internet and social media to reach its audience. The company I work for has taken the necessary steps in keeping up with these changes and developing and maintaining a social presence. We currently have a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that is managed through Hootsuite. These sources are used to post industry relevant articles or videos. We will often times use social media as well to promote things that we are doing in the community and company events like our annual softball game.

Looking at the fleet management industry as a whole, there are varying parties and ways that social media can be used. John…

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Social Media Tool Comparison


As the world of social media has evolved to include so many methods of digital interaction, social media tools are in high demand. In this day and age, companies are focusing their marketing efforts heavily in the area of social media. This can mean having multiple social media accounts that companies are actively managing at once. It is evident that this is a lot of work to take on, which is why social media tools are being created to help in efficiently managing social media. Not only do these tools increase efficiency but they increase effectiveness as well.

Social Media management tools can help in managing multiple social media accounts all in one place, or they can help in managing just one form of social media and getting companies the most out of that. For example, Tweetdeck is a social media tool that is effective in managing one form of…

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Social Media Tools Used for Learning

Who doesn’t love tools ?

Social eLearning 2018

Because social media tools are becoming more prevalent in classrooms as technology continues to become more integrated in schools across the country, I wanted to know how the most popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter could be used in the classroom.  The reputations of each site make me more hesitant to want to use them in a classroom setting because I believe they can be huge distractions.  However, an article I just read revealed very simple ways that a teacher can use popular social media sites for learning purposes.

Here are a few examples I read about in the article that you may want to take a closer look at in the article I provided a link to:


  • Create a Facebook Group where all students in the class can join the group to get updates on assignments, additional information, and ask questions that their peers and the…

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#Infographic: Keeping your indoor cat happy!

Katzenworld - Old please follow the main Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

This is another great infographic produced by the team at terrys fabrics:

Many cats love to stay indoors and are never happier than when padding around the house. Yet sometimes your cat may become less content, which can be distressing both for you and your pet.

When a cat isn’t 100% happy they can show it in a number of ways. For example, your cat may become ill or simply more lethargic than usual.

It perhaps doesn’t surprise many of you that your cat likes to be in control! And when they don’t feel in control in their environment this can lead to unhappiness. One simple way you can keep your cat comfortable in its environment is by keeping to a routine in your interactions with them. This can be by feeding them at the same time each day and even by trying to play with them at…

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#Infographic: Understanding your Cat’s Behaviours

Way too cute

Katzenworld - Old please follow the main Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special infographic on Cat Behaviours for you. This one has been kindly provided to us by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Do you know what your cat is trying to tell you? Is it feeling playful, loving, or just showing off? Have a look at our animated guide to find out.

You may think your cat is simply being affectionate or asking for food when rubbing up against you, but there’s more to it. And what about the hunting trophies it brings you, or the kneading of soft objects?

If you pay careful attention to your cat’s behaviour and the sounds it makes, you may learn to understand its mood and intentions better. It could even save you a few playful scratches!

sainsbury's infographic

We hope you enjoyed this infographic and don’t forget to sign-up to our Newsletter to stay fully up to date with everything! 🙂


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